MOELLE covers a collection of items that represent the core, the essence and what really matters. MOELLE is a symbiosis of Nordic design, functionality, and high quality natural materials. 

We take pride in our efforts toward practical sustainability as well as our craftsmanship. Therefore we only use teak from reforested farmland and choose teak for its outstanding durability and also for its praised antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Teak is a natural material and the differences in color, print, and texture are what make each product special. 

Using high quality natural material and only all-natural vegetable oils and waxes, you can rest assured knowing that no BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde or other petroleum derivatives will be transferred to your body.

All our packaging is biodegradable and 100% plastic-free. 

We hope our products can bring joy in your home and get you inspired to experiment and explore in your next culinary experience.

We would love to see how you make MOELLE your own. To share a picture with us, simply tag it

Thank you for choosing MOELLE and supporting this small business.

Elizabeth Monnet
The Founder